Wednesday, March 29, 2017

HW Week 9: Marc H

Hw Week 9: Bryan Jimenez

HW Week 09: Rod Raymundo

Yup struggled on these. Tried working on past homework but they turned out pretty bad.. Ended up just making a quick new painting for this assignment.





HW Week 09: Robert Masucci

Had a bit of difficulty with these, but here they are. Originals on the left, edited with curve adjustment levels on the right.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

HW Week 8: Marc H

HW WEEK 8: Liz Reyes

HW Week 8: Sebastian Yen

HW Week 08: Andres Esquivel

* DC1 2017 SPRING 2017 Week 9: Curves Adjustment Layers, Notes, Student Testimonials next week...

Brainstorm School: Designing with Color and Light Week 9 Re-Lighting with Curves | VisualPops from Sulmo Kim on Vimeo.

These are all great starts, but knowing how and what and why to paint is more important.

  • Try 3 different light setups (Right/Leftside Light, Back Light) with 3 past plein-air pieces and/or portrait pieces.
  • Print favorite 6 pieces from the term
  • Final Week is next week, bring some food and drinks to share
  • We will be filming and having 1on1 talks after each interview.
  • Please come dressed/groomed appropriately - the internet is forever! jk.

Week 8: Bryan Jimenez

HW Week 08: Alfredo Fernandez

HW Week 08: Robert Masucci

HW Week 08: Rod Raymundo

Wanted to do a portrait of Ciri from the Witcher series just for fun, Also tried the Zorn Palette for the first time just to see how it works... Also tried out some stuff from the Camera Raw Filter