Tuesday, March 14, 2017

* DC1 2017 SPRING Week 3: BW Master Studies...

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Master Work's Analysis:
  • Dark Shapes vs Light Shapes
  • Leading Lines
  • Convergence of Lines
  • Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratios, Triangles
  • Contrasting Colors
  • Economy of Brushstrokes
  • Light on Dark
  • Detailed vs Loose
  • Soft vs Hard Edges

  • 10 Master Copies, BW
  • Side by Side Analysis (Dark vs Light, Triangles, Leading Lines, Diagonals, Edges, Detailed vs Loose, etc)
  • Lecture PDF

Brainstorm School: Designing with Color and Light Week 3 Demo Time-lapse | VisualPops from Sulmo Kim on Vimeo.

Brainstorm School: DC 1 | John Singer Sargent 1 Hour Painting Tips Demo Timelapse | VisualPops from Sulmo Kim on Vimeo.

DC1: Painting Tips | B&W Master Studies | VisualPops from Sulmo Kim on Vimeo.

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