Tuesday, March 14, 2017

* DC1 2017 SPRING Week 5: BW Plein-air...

Brainstorm School: Designing with Color and Light Week 5 Demo Time-lapse | VisualPops from Sulmo Kim on Vimeo.

Video Channel Links:
  • Make Custom brushes and Shapes, Set up Tool Presets
  • Day/Night BW Plein-air pieces at the same spot (Total = 6)
  • Set up 2-3 color palettes to bring to class next week to do Color Plein-air during class; I recommend 1 complementary gamut mask with sunset colors, and Atmospheric Triad, or one with nighttime colors city colors.

NOTES: Tips for Custom Brushes/Shapes

  • When taking a photo, make sure the edges have the most contrast and are clear of overlap with any noisy background
  • If necessary, clean up edges
  • Use Hue/Saturation to turn the image into BW
  • Using Levels, increase the contrast by bringing in the sliders on the left (for darks) and right side (lights)
  • Again in Levels, select the Eyedropper which says "Set in Image to set Black Point" to set the image/pattern you want to be in the brush. 
  • In Levels again, select the Eyedropper which says "Set in Image to set White Point" and pick the background to make it completely white (i.e. not be in your brush)

  • In PS, use Color Dodge/Burn tool with a soft round brush set to "Highlights" in the upper menu panel to increase the white level along edges
  • Use Color Range to select dark shape, then decrease the black levels. Make sure the shape is filled with pure black
  • Select Inverse, then delete the background
  • In the Layers Panel, CMD+Click the Thumbnail to select just the shape, then go to Edit -> Define Brush Preset. Name your brush and make a Tool Preset

For a Custom Shape, a few Extra Steps:
  • After selecting your shape, at the bottom of the Path Panel select the baseball diamond icon "Make Work Path from Selection"
  •  Then go to Edit -> Define Custom Shape. Name your shape and it will be found at the bottom of the Custom Shape dropdown menu
  • Note: In the Menu of the Custom Shape Tool, select Pixels from the drop down menu in the fare left corner

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