Wednesday, March 22, 2017

* DC1 2017 SPRING 2017 Week 9: Curves Adjustment Layers, Notes, Student Testimonials next week...

Brainstorm School: Designing with Color and Light Week 9 Re-Lighting with Curves | VisualPops from Sulmo Kim on Vimeo.

These are all great starts, but knowing how and what and why to paint is more important.

  • Try 3 different light setups (Right/Leftside Light, Back Light) with 3 past plein-air pieces and/or portrait pieces.
  • Print favorite 6 pieces from the term
  • Final Week is next week, bring some food and drinks to share
  • We will be filming and having 1on1 talks after each interview.
  • Please come dressed/groomed appropriately - the internet is forever! jk.

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